How to download games on PPSSPP Gold?

How to download games on PPSSPP Gold?

PPSSPP Gold is an Emulator for Android devices to run the game which is not designed for Android Devices, it can be a game Emulator and also any other application which does not support Android devices. This Emulator makes easy to use any app that not made for Android Devices. Users install the PPSSPP Gold Emulator in their Android device for using the different apps or games.

It considered being an amazing Android Emulator for the Android devices. On the other hand free PPSSPP emulator has not some features but the PPSSPP Gold has many premium features which can be beneficial for the user.

PPSSPP gold mod APK is the Android emulator having the premium features like playing the game at any time anywhere by resuming it, all type of customization, effects and filters and HD graphics etc. Users can download and playing the game easily by using the PPSSPP Gold in an easy way.

Installing the PPSSPP Gold in the Android devices:

Here are the following easy steps to download the PPSSPP Gold in your Android Device:

  1. Go to Play store and search for PPSSPP gold Emulator PSP
  2. There is two choice free and paid, choose according to your choice
  3. Select PPSSPP Gold, click on download
  4. It is with the size of 40 MB and will install within few minutes depends on the internet speed
  5. After complete the installation, click on the icon  of PPSSPP gold, which is appearing on your Android device
  6. By clicking on the application there will be option of permission to access the device storage
  7. You have to choose the Allow option from the pop options
  8. Now link the application to your Android device, you can also do the same process if you are downloading the PPSSPP Gold on your PC.

Downloading the PSP Games using PPSSPP Gold:

There are bundles of PSP Games that can be played and downloaded using PPSSPP Gold as like God of war, Assassin’s creed, WWE smack down or WWE raw, Beowulf, Need for speed, Tekken, Soul Caliber etc. There are following steps to download PSP games using PPSSPP Gold Emulator:

  1. Download the PPSSPP Gold emulator in your device
  2. Download the PSP game, as per your desire
  3. It will auto generated through the PPSSPP Gold emulator
  4. Just click the game and start to play and enjoy!


There are many PSP games which we can play only in the way to downloading and installing the PPSSPP on our device. This is an Android emulator for supporting the PSP games in an easy way. This emulator is available with a free version also but the premium version with the best features is called PPSSPP Gold. It has many features that users can not enjoy in the free version.


What is file format of the PPSSPP Gold Emulator?

The file of PPSSPP Gold Emulator file format can be in CSO or in ISO format.

Is there same process when downloading the PSP games in PC?

Yes, it can be same and easy, furthermore steps are to create a Folder as name PSP and send all games based on PSP in the folder, and you can start to play the game.

What are PSP games?

PSP games are the games which are not supporting to the Android devices and PPSSPP free of PPSSPP gold emulator help in using and playing the PSP games or PSP apps,

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