How to Add Cheats to PPSSPP Gold?

PPSSPP Gold is an Android emulator which helps the users who love to play the games but some game and apps are PSP based and difficult to use or play them on their Android devices. Users install the PPSSPP emulator in their devices and enjoy playing the PSP games or PSP apps in an easy and enjoyable way. PPSSPP Gold in a premium emulator which has many premium features that help in playing the games with an enjoyable way. Also check: How to download games on PPSSPP Gold?

Adding Cheats to PPSSPP Gold in Android Devices:

It is very difficult to adding cheats in the games but PPSSPP emulator has a great advantage for those who want to add cheats in their games. PPSSPP emulator has a file named as cheat.db. It has all codes regarding the game cheats.

Here is a complete guide regarding to add cheats in the games using PPSSPP emulator:

  1. Download cheat.db
  2. Open PPSSPP Gold emulator and from the app option enable the cheats by clicking on the option “enable cheats” by clicking the check box.
  3. Now move the cheats.db file to the cheats folder.
  4. Open any game which you want to play with cheats by clicking the game.
  5. There will be option to play with cheats you have to select “import from cheats.db”.
  6. Cheats will apply to your game and you can now play easily.

Adding cheats to PPSSPP Gold Emulator in PC:

It has also an easy way to adding the cheats in PC as like Android but there are some modifications, following steps are as follows:

  1. Open PPSSPP from your PC
  2. In the game settings, check the “enable Cheats”
  3. Now close the PPSSPP emulator
  4. By clicking right click for options, select “open file Location”
  5. You will get many folders, navigate for the “memestick” folder
  6. Click the “memestick” folder you will get a PSP folder, click on it and create a new folder by giving the name as “cheats”.
  7. Now go to PPSSPP emulator again and open the game which you want to play with cheats
  8. Now again go to the created folder “cheats” and there will be file auto created and the folder should be empty now, make sure by double click the folder icon.
  9. Now you play your downloaded PSP game, if no, then you have to choose the game from the google and download the PSP game as per your preference.


PPSSPP Gold is a premium emulator with the features to play the PSP games in Android or PC in an easy manner. There are games’ cheats also, that some users want to play game with the cheats. PPSSPP has also a feature to apply cheats to the PSP games and users can easily play the game by enabling the cheats to the desired games.
Users can download the cheat.db in their Android device or in PC and after enabling the cheats from the settings and can play the games with the cheats feature in an easy way.


What is the size of cheat.db file?

It is only of 4MB.

How to add game cheats by using PPSSPP emulator in Android or PC?

There is need to download cheat.db in the Android and PC, after downloading it you should enable to cheats from the PPSSPP emulator and can play PSP games with cheats.

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